Excursion to Galilee

We took 2 1/2 days over Purim for an excursion to Tiberias, Vered Hagalil horse ranch (just for a meal - not horse meat - at their restaurant), and the Roman Amphitheatre at Beit Shean.
We stayed at the Mercure hotel in Tiberias. We had a room on the 7th floor, overlooking the Kinneret sea. Click here for some photograph from our window.
Our main purpose of coming to Tiberias was bathing at the Tiberias hot springs, which, as we know from experience, are very beneficial for our old bones and joints.
On the second day of our stay, we drove to Vered Hagalil for lunch. As we came out of the restaurant at Vered Hagalil, I remembered that many years ago (in the summer of 1957 it must have been) my father in law, Erwin Adler, visited us and we asked a second cousin, Berndt Avni, who was an extremely knowledgable tourist guide, to show us around Gallilee. At the junction which is now Vered Hagalil, we got off the car and trecked over the rocks to a fascinating site which was a Jewish synagogue in the 3rd century a.d. and now in ruins. The place was called Korazim, and as we now came out of Vered Hagalil, we saw a roadsign in the direction of the sea of Galilee, which said KORAZIM. We decided to drive there, by the way on a perfectly good road now. Korazim is mentioned in the Talmud as a town renowned for the quality of the wheat growing in the fields surrounding it, and in the New Testament, (Mat.11:21;Luc. 10:13) as the town which Jesus berated together with Kapernaum.
The town covers some 100,000 sq.m. It was founded in the 1st or 2nd century B.C. and was destroyed, probably by earthquakes, and rebuilt several times until the beginning of the 20th century.
The remains are from the 2nd or 3rd century A.D.
We remembered that, when the Pope visited Israel for the millenium, he held a mass not far from there.
When we reached Korazim, we discovered that much of the ancient townlet had been dug up and partly reconstructed. We want to share with you some photographs we made of this amazing site.
On our way back to Haifa we decided to visit Beit Shean. There we went to revisit the Roman Amphitheatre, very well preserved and reconstructed remains thereof serve today for staging theatre performances, concerts etc. We include some photos from there.
Beit Shean was a Jewish town before the Roman Era, and amongst the remains unearthed is a Synagogue from the pre Roman period. There was a beautiful mosaic, which was removed to the Rockefeller Museum in Jerusalem.
The photo of the mosaic included is actually not a photo but a postcard which we scanned in.