Pessah 2002

We, Hanna and myself, were invited to the Seder by my eldest daughter Liora at her place in Ramath Hasharon. She also invited Hanna's son, Amitai, and his family, his wife Irit, and their children Meital, Idan and Rotem.
At the Seder we had therefore Liora and her husband Ehud, their two daughters Hilla and Keren, Amitai's family and ourselves, 11 persons in all.
Meital joined the IDF a couple of weeks ago, training as a paramedic, but got off for the Pessah day. Hila is due to join the army in late summer, after finishing her A levels, so the two seemed to have quite a bit to talk about.
I have no photo's from the Seder, as the lighing was not really adequate for my digital camera. The Seder went very well indeed, everyone reading and chanting a bit of the Hagada.
Keren's 15th birthday happened to fall on the Pessah, so we celebrated the birthday at the same time.
Amitai an family returned to Haifa after the Seder.
We stayed in Hertzlia until Sunday, and on Shabbat we were invited to Liora again for lunch, with Ehud parents and sister Thalia and her family to celebrate Keren's Birthday once more.
(Photos from Ramat Hasharon)
On Sunday very early we set out to drive to Moshav Ma'on, to visit Hanna's daughter Iris, her husband Koby and her 8 grandchildren there.
(Photos from Ma'on)
Ma'on is a settlement in the Judean desert between Arad and Hebron. At the present tense times one feels a bit jittery driving in what is called "the territories" but Ma'on is very near to Arad and we figured that as the children are driven to school every day on the same road we can risk it also.
Koby was just called up for reserve army duty, so we saw him just for a few minutes. We had a marvelous two days with Iris and the lovely children. On the Sunday we stayed in Ma'on and for the night we had rented a "Zimmer" in Arad, which turned out to be a very nice Bungalow in a beautifully kept garden in a very quiet part of Arad.
(Photos from the "Zimmer" in Arad)
Arad is quite near the Dead Sea and Massada, and if anyone would like inexpensive but very nice accomodation there for a family of two or four, we can well recommend it.
On Monday Iris drove in to Arad with her children, and we did a bit of shopping and had lunch with them.
In the evening we drove back to Hertzlia, and the next morning back to Haifa.
All in all a lovely Pessah holiday, marred only by the dreadful news about the murderous suicide attacks in Netania and Haifa.