Childhood and youth.

Melitta, nee Dickstein was born in Trieste, Italy (then part of the Austro Hungarian Empire) on March 7, 1900. Her Parents hailed from Bukowina. Her Father Aharon, (Arigo) worked as a translator for the Generali Insurance Company in Trieste. At the outbreak of WW1 her father was drafted into the army and her mother Anna moved to Weimar in Germany. Her Father lost most of his eyesight in 1916, and her mother maintained the family by becoming a rather successful business woman. Melitta was painting from childhood, and at a very early age, she showed some of her large Oils to Professors at the Weimar Kunsthochschule, the Weimar academy of arts.

The Academy.

She studied there for 5 years, and in 1919, a new Head took over at the academy, the famous architect Gropius, and brought new concepts, and a new name to the school. The Weimar academy of arts became the Bauhaus, the philosophy of which is known and distinctive to this day. She graduated from the school with the degree of "MEISTER" from the top class.

Her work in Germany

In 1921 she met Michael Schiffer, to whom she got married, and moved with him to nearby Jena , a famous University town in Thuringia, Germany. There her two children were born. She became a well known painter in that part of Germany. With the ascent of Hitler in 1933 the family had to flee to Palestine (now Israel) in 1936 but on the way they had to stay for half a year in Berlin until they got their papers. In that year, 1936 Melitta held an exhibition in the Jewish Community Center, which at that time was still operating. She received warm reviews in the press.


After her "Aliya " she settled in Haifa, Israel.
Melitta was soon accepted by the Association of Painters and Sculptors in Israel. Mellita had many exhibitions and sold innumerous painting, which to this day adorn many homes in Israel. In the fifties the famous painter and one of the founders of the DADA movement in art, Marcel Janco, founded the artist village EIN HOD which Melitta joined from the beginning. There she found a degree of fulfillment of the "Bauhaus" philosophy, of the dialog between artists of different disciplines, workshops, a joint gallery, Bazars and an active social life.
Melitta Schiffer lived and painted for many years. She had an extremely positive personality, and nearly anybody who met her felt an immediate feeling of rapport and friendship that flowed from her character. On her 90th birthday the Haifa municipality arranged a exhibition for her in the foyer of the municipal auditorium, which was a great success. She passed away on the 5th of October 1991, after a long and fruitful life. May she rest in peace.